Capricorn Birthstone

6 Magical Capricorn Birthstones: Their Meaning and Powers

If you were born between December 22nd and January 20th, then your zodiac sign is Capricorn. And that means your Capricorn birthstone is one of the following: Ruby, Garnet, Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, and Zircon.

But what do these stones mean? And how can you use them to improve your life? Read on to find out everything you need to know about Capricorn birthstones.

The Capricorn Zodiac Sign

capricorn zodiac sign

Capricorn is the tenth astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Capricornus. It spans the 290–320th degree of the zodiac, corresponding to celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this area from about December 21 to January 20 each year. In astrology, Capricorn is considered an Earth sign, a negative sign, and one of the four cardinal signs. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn.

People born under this sign are often hard workers who are ambitious and disciplined. They are patient and strategic in their thinking, and they are often very successful in their careers. One of the most notable things about Capricorns is their connection to the sea goat. The sea goat is a mythical creature with the head of a goat and the tail of a fish. This connection is often seen as symbolic of Capricorn’s ability to achieve success in both the material and spiritual worlds.

What is the Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorn birthstones depend on the month you were born. If you were born in January, your Capricorn birthstone is Ruby or Garnet. If you were born in December, your Capricorn birthstone is Turquoise, Blue Topaz, Tanzanite, or Zircon.

Capricorns are associated with the element of Earth, so these stones are believed to bring Capricorns good luck, fortune, and abundance. Rubies represent Capricorn’s ambitious and hardworking nature, while Garnets represent Capricorn’s loyal and reliable personality. Turquoise is said to bring Capricorn wisdom, understanding, and truth. Blue Topaz is said to bring Capricorns peace, harmony, and balance. Tanzanite is said to bring Capricorns strength, power, and courage. Zircon is said to bring Capricorns clarity, radiant energy, and hope.

Capricorn birthstones are said to bring good luck and fortune to those who wear them. Capricorn is a zodiac sign that is associated with hard work and determination. Wearing your Capricorn birthstone can help to motivate and encourage you to achieve your goals. Capricorn birthstones are also said to promote courage, strength, and willpower. Whether you choose to wear one of the Capricorn birthstones or all of them, they are sure to bring you good luck and fortune.

January Capricorn Birthstones


Stone of nobility

Capricorn Birthstone - Ruby
Capricorn Birthstone – Ruby

Ruby Properties

As the Capricorn birthstone, Ruby is associated with leadership and courage. Those who wear Ruby are said to exude a fiery passion for life, radiating confidence and motivation. Ruby is said to help its wearer set realistic goals, while also promoting wealth and success. For Capricorns, Ruby is the perfect stone to help balance the heart and mind, instilling courage and strength in the face of challenges.

Well known gemologist George Kunz, in his book The Curios Lore of Precious Stones, speaks of the Ruby as the traditional birthstone for Capricorn.

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Ruby Associations

Chakras:Root Chakra, Heart Chakra
Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Planet: Sun
Element: Fire
Vibration: Number 3
Colors: Pinkish-red to red


Stone of passion

Capricorn Birthstone - Garnet
Capricorn Birthstone – Garnet

Garnet properties

Capricorn people have a beautiful Garnet as their Capricorn birthstone for January. Those who wear or carry Garnet are said to receive many amazing benefits such as increased passion, love, and luck in all relationships.

Garnet is also known for its ability to balance the sex drive as well as alleviate any emotional disharmony. Additionally, this powerhouse of a stone sharpens one’s perceptions of themselves and others while also removing any inhibitions or taboos.

Garnet opens up the heart and bestows self-confidence upon whoever has it in their possession. As a stone of commitment, Red Garnet represents love perfectly. It has the ability to revitalize old feelings and enhance sexuality in any relationship while also promoting warmth, devotion, understanding, trust, sincerity, and honesty.

You can find a large selection of Garnet crystals and jewelry on Amazon.

Garnet Associations

Chakras: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra
Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Virgo
Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Vibration: Number 2

December Capricorn Birthstones


Stone of spiritual attunement

Capricorn Birthstone - Turquoise
Capricorn Birthstone – Turquoise

Turquoise Properties

Turquoise is a perfect birthstone for Capricorns born in December, as it dispels negative energy and helps to promote self-realization. Capricorns can wear Turquoise to protect against negative energies.

The Turquoise stone will also help Capricorns balance their mood swings and align their chakras. In addition, Turquoise is a symbol of friendship and can be a great gift for friends and lovers, as it is said to stimulate romantic love.

Turquoise Associations

Chakras: Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces
Planet: Venus & Neptune
Element: Earth/Air/Fire
Vibration: Number 1
Colors: Turquoise, blue, green, yellow-green

Blue Topaz

Stone of truth and wisdom

Capricorn Birthstone - Blue Topaz
Capricorn Birthstone – Blue Topaz

Blue Topaz Properties

Capricorn is an earth sign known for being hardworking and Blue Topaz makes a perfect Capricorn birthstone. Blue Topaz helps to bring truth and wisdom, which are qualities that Capricorns are known for.

This December birthstone also helps with clear communication and promoting openness and honesty. The self-realization properties of Blue Topaz are especially helpful for Capricorns who are always working towards their goals. Blue Topaz is also a stone of love and good fortune, which Capricorns can always use more of. Wearing this Capricorn birthstone will result in joy, generosity, abundance, and good health.

Blue Topaz Associations

Chakras: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Zodiac: Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius
Element: Air
Vibration: Number 3
Colors: Blue


Stone of magic

Capricorn Birthstone - Tanzanite Crystal
Capricorn Birthstone – Tanzanite

Tanzanite Properties

As the Capricorn birthstone, Tanzanite is a stone of transformation. It is known for its ability to dissolve old patterns and promote forward movement with optimism and inspiration. Tanzanite also enhances healing at all levels, making it a powerful stone for anyone in the healing profession.

Those born under the sign of Capricorn can benefit greatly from the energy of this stone. Wearing or carrying Tanzanite can help to attune one to their highest good and manifest their powers for the greatest good. Tanzanite is a relatively new gemstone, first discovered in 1967 in Tanzania. It is a variety of the mineral zoisite and is prized for its unique blue and violet colors.

Tanzanite Associations

Chakras: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Element: Air
Vibration: Number 2
Colors: blue-violet


Stone of Renewal

Capricorn Birthstone - Zircon Crystal
Capricorn Birthstone – Zircon

Zircon Properties

If you’re a Capricorn, then you know that fresh starts are always welcome. After all, who doesn’t love the chance to begin anew? And what better way to do so than with a beautiful piece of jewelry featuring your birthstone? Zircon is the perfect gemstone for those born under the Capricorn sign, as it is said to symbolize new beginnings and fresh starts.

Additionally, this gemstone is known for its ability to increase charisma and attract new love. So if you’re looking for a way to enhance your relationships and bring some extra happiness into your life, consider choosing Zircon as your birthstone.

Zircon Associations

Chakras: Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra
Zodiac: Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius
Vibration: Number 4
Colors: Brown, Clear, Copper (red brown), Gray, Green, Yellow

Capricorn Gemstones 

Other gemstones having an affinity with Capricorn include: Amethyst, Aragonite, Cat’s Eye, Clear Quartz, Fluorite, Ocean Jasper, Magnetite, Malachite, Smokey Quartz, Tiger Eye, Black Tourmaline, and Green Tourmaline. These Capricorn gemstones share the Capricorn traits of being practical, ambitious, disciplined, patient and responsible.

How to Use Capricorn Birthstone

There are many ways to use your Capricorn birthstone. One way is to wear it as jewelry. Another way is to use it in meditation. A third way is to use affirmations with it.

Wearing your birthstone in the form of jewelry ensures that the stones are always close to your body, in close proximity to your chakras. That way, they can really do their magic. Another benefit of wearing gemstone jewelry is that it’s always available to you, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. It’s a reminder of your purpose and the intention you set for yourself.

Other ways to use your gemstones is by using the power of affirmations. Try some powerful affirmations to help charge your birthstone and attract wealth and good luck.

Here are some affirmations you can say with your Capricorn birthstone:

“I am disciplined and effective.”
“I am a responsible and reliable person.”
“I always follow through on my commitments.”

You can also practice meditation to get into a higher state and focus on what you want to manifest. If you are a beginner, we prepared this guide on How to Meditate with Crystals. Make sure to check it out!

What Color is Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorn is a sign of practicality and responsibility. The Capricorn birthstone colors are therefore also subdued and reliable, like the earthy brownish red tones of the Garnet to the blue color of Turquoise, Blue Topaz, and Zircon.


If you’re a Capricorn, then you have six different birthstones to choose from – each with its own unique meaning and properties. By understanding the significance of your birthstone, you can use it to improve various areas of your life. Whether you’re looking for better health, more success in your career, or improved relationships, your birthstone can be a powerful tool on your journey towards achieving your goals.

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