Leo Birthstone

Leo Birthstone: 4 Poweful Crystals to Supercharge Your Life

Are you a proud Leo? If so, you are in luck! This article is perfect for you! Not only will you learn about the lucky Leo birthstone associated with your sign, you will also gain insight into other stones, their symbolism and potential benefits. Whether you are born in July or August, you will find the perfect gems to represent your zodiac sign. Read on to uncover the secrets of the Leo birthstones!

About The Leo Zodiac Sign

Leo, the Lion, is a fire sign associated with the Sun. People born between July 24 and August 23 are known for their passionate, energetic, and creative natures. Represented by the mighty lion, Leo is a sign of strength and courage. People born under this sign value loyalty, love, and understanding in their relationships, and are always willing to lend a helping hand to those in need.

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which makes them naturally optimistic and confident. They always strive to be the best and are not afraid to take risks if it means achieving their goals. Leo is a sign of leadership and courage, making them great problem solvers and natural born leaders. They are also incredibly generous and compassionate, always willing to put others first.

What is the Leo Birthstone

Leo has four birthstones, depending on the month. August birthstones are Peridot and Sardonyx, while July birthstones are Ruby and Carnelian. Each of these stones has its own unique properties and meanings, which we will explore in more detail below.

August Leo Birthstones: Peridot and Sardonyx


Natural Raw Peridot Crystal Gemstone

Natural Raw Peridot Crystal Gemstone

Peridot is a stunning gemstone, with colors ranging from a transparent olive green to yellowish-green. It is the birthstone of August and is associated with the solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, Mercury Planet, and Earth element, as well as the numerical vibrations of 6 and 8.

Peridot has long been known for its healing and protective properties. It is believed to bring forth healing, renewal, purification, and rebirth. It can also provide comfort and intuition, and help to boost creativity and trust in one’s instincts. For those born under the sign of Leo, Peridot is especially useful. It can help them to more fully embrace their creativity, and take charge of their life. It can also provide them with the courage and strength to express their true selves and remain calm during difficult situations.

Peridot has been used for centuries to bring healing and protection, and it can be a powerful aid for those born under the sign of Leo. It can help Leo to more fully use their natural abilities and to trust their instincts when making decisions. Peridot can also provide Leo with the courage and insight to handle life’s ups and downs.


Sardonyx Pendant

Sardonyx Pendant

Sardonyx is a form of chalcedony quartz, and is most often found in a black, red and brown striped pattern with occasional clear or white bands. It is a very strong and durable stone and has been used as a gemstone for centuries. It is also known for its metaphysical properties and has been used for healing for many years.

Sardonyx is associated with the Base Chakra and is the birthstone for August. It has a numerical vibration of 3, and its healing properties include luck, friendship, happiness, good fortune, romance, marriage, stamina, vigor, energy and creativity.

For those born under the sign of Leo, Sardonyx can be a powerful stone for many reasons. Its connection to the Base Chakra helps to ground the sign of Leo and bring them back to reality. It’s lucky and creative energies can help to bring good fortune and creative ideas to Leo’s life. Its healing energies can help to increase the sign of Leo’s energy, stamina and vigor, making them feel more alive and energized.


Natural AA Raw Burmese Ruby Rough Rock Gemstone

Natural Raw Burmese Ruby Rough Rock Gemstone

The Ruby is a gemstone associated with Leo and is a powerful tool for healing and transformation. Its deep reddish hue is associated with the Sun and the Fire element, and its properties are said to be linked to the Base and Heart Chakras. It is thought to be a powerful aid to those born under the sign of Leo, helping to bring out the best qualities of this sign and empowering them to reach their goals.

Those born under the sign of Leo can benefit from the power of Ruby to help them become more confident, passionate and courageous. Ruby is known to inspire creativity, generosity and enthusiasm, and can help Leos to succeed in their endeavors. It is also thought to be a powerful tool for healing, helping to bring balance to the body and mind and restore harmony.

The vibrant reddish color of Ruby is said to be a sign of its power and potency, and its numerical vibration is linked with the number 3. It is said to represent the energy of the Sun and the power of the Fire element, and can help those born under the sign of Leo to channel that energy and use it for personal growth and spiritual development. Ruby is a beautiful gemstone with many potential benefits for those born under the Zodiac sign of Leo.

July Leo Birthstones: Ruby and Carnelian


Raw Carnelian Necklace

Raw Carnelian Necklace

Carnelian is a semi-precious gemstone that is associated with the base chakra, sacral chakra, July birthstones and the Zodiac sign of Leo. It has a numerical vibration of 5 and a variety of colors that range from a pale orange to pink or grey to an intense almost black. Carnelian is connected to the element of fire, and is known to symbolize emotional warmth, sociability, creativity and individuality.

For those born under the sign of Leo, Carnelian can be an incredibly powerful stone. It helps to promote courage, happiness and self-esteem, while also bringing harmony and appreciation of nature. It can also be used to aid in memory and past life recall, as well as supporting the process of rebirth and reincarnation.

Carnelian is a great stone to help Leo’s make the most of their own unique personalities and traits. It encourages one to express their true self, without fear or judgement. It has a calming and soothing energy, allowing Leo’s to feel grounded and connected to their inner truth. Furthermore, it helps to promote balance and stability, allowing Leo’s to make the most of their natural leadership qualities.

How to Use The Leo Birthstones

1. Wear your favorite Leo birthstone as jewelry. Many people wear their birthstones as jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. This helps to keep the stone’s energy closer to your body.

2. Place the stones in your home. You can place the Leo birthstones in strategic locations in your home to bring positive energy.

3. Carry the birthstones with you. You can carry the Leo birthstones with you in your pocket or purse for extra protection throughout the day.

4. Use your favorite birthstones in meditation. You can use the Leo birthstones to help you focus during meditation or to help you find spiritual guidance.

5. Give the birthstones as gifts. Leo birthstones make thoughtful gifts for loved ones born under the sign of Leo.

What Color is The Leo Birthstone

As per astrological tradition, the birthstone associated with the zodiac sign Leo is Peridot. Peridot is a green gemstone. It’s important to note that the birthstone for a zodiac sign may be different from the traditional birthstones for the month of birth. July and August birthstone are Ruby and Carnelian, and Peridot and Sardonyx respectively.


Leo is a zodiac sign and it is traditionally associated with the birthstone Peridot. Peridot is a green gemstone known for its healing properties and the ability to bring good luck and prosperity. It’s important to remember that birthstones associated with a zodiac sign may differ from the traditional birthstones for the month of birth, which are Ruby and Carnelian for July and Peridot and Sardonyx for August. Birthstones can be a meaningful and personal way to connect with one’s astrological sign and can be worn as jewelry or carried as a talisman.

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