How to charge crystals beginner

How to Charge Crystals: An Easy Guide for Beginners 2024

Learning how to charge crystals is one of the essential techniques of using crystals for healing and manifesting. Charging  awakens the crystal to its innate healing properties after it’s been cleansed.

Why Charge Crystals

Charging crystals is a process through which the healing properties of crystals can be amplified. Charging as a sort of waking up the crystal. Charging is also being referred to as activating crystals.

The act of charging a crystal raises the vibrations of the crystal to a higher state. This amplifies the specific healing properties of that crystal, which in turn increases its healing effects.

How to Cleanse and Charge Crystals

A question that frequently comes up is:

What is the difference between clearing crystals and charging crystals?

When one charges a crystal, the intent is to energize, recharge and amplify the intrinsic energy of the crystal. Thus, the crystals are fully energized and ready to be programmed. Clearing, or cleansing crystals, is the process of removing any previous energies or thought-forms attached to the crystal. You can conveniently cleanse your crystals at home using the techniques discussed in this article.

Cleansing (or clearing) crystals sometimes charges them, especially if the healing crystals are placed in the sunlight, moonlight or on top of other crystals, during the cleansing process.

How to Cleanse Crystals

Copy of How to Cleanse Crystals and stones

Before we learn how to charge crystals, we need to make sure that the crystals are properly cleansed of previous energies.

Cleansing crystals is the first step before you charge your crystals. There are many different ways to cleanse crystals. You can try a few methods and see which one feels right for you. Always follow your own intuition.

1. How to Cleanse Crystals with Running Water

Hold your crystals under clear, purified water. The Water element is a powerful cleanser and will cleanse your crystals and recharge them. Some crystals are perfectly safe to cleanse in water, however there are many that are not.

Note: Some stones should not be immersed in water, so if you are unsure whether your stones are water safe, use a different cleansing method.

What Crystals Can Go in Water

Agate, Amethyst, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Smokey Quartz, Snow Quartz, and Tiger Eye. All these crystals are safe to cleanse with water.

What Crystals Cannot Go in Water

Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Halite (Rock Salt), Celestite, Fluorite, and Rhodocrosite.

Crystals that should not go in water include crystals that are very soft tend to scratch or flake easily, and others that contain metals or toxins, causing them to rust or become toxic. 

2. How to Cleanse Crystals with Sea Salt

Sea salt has long been known to have purification properties.  For this reason, many people like to place their gemstones directly into a bowl of natural sea salt. The best kind of salt is natural salt from the Dead Sea. We recommend the following Dead Sea salt for cleansing crystals and breaking up negative energy.

Note: As in water cleansing, soft or porous stones, such as Moldavite, are not safe to submerge in salt.

Put your stones into the small bowl of sea salt, or Himalayan salt, and leave overnight for approximately 24 hours. The salt will absorb all negative energies from the stones, leaving them cleansed and re-energized. 

Note: Make sure you dispose of the salt so it is not used again.  Only use glass bowls when cleansing and charging gemstones with salt.

3. How to Cleanse Crystals with Salt Water

Place some natural sea salt into a glass bowl, add purified water and your gemstones.  Leave for approximately 24 hours and then gently pat dry, or leave to air dry. You can conveniently get pure natural ocean sea salt from Amazon.

Note: Only use this method on harder stones, and (as with the running water), if you are unsure whether your stones are water safe, use a different cleansing method.

4. How to Cleanse Crystals with Rice

You can place your stones in a bowl of brown rice.  Make sure you dispose of the rice afterwards.

How to cleanse crystals with  sage smudging

5. How to Cleanse Crystals with Smudging

Smudging is a very efficient way of cleansing gemstones.  You can use sage (white sage is popular), sweet grass, Palo Santo, sandalwood or Frankincense incense to smudge your crystals. I like using natural Frankincense resin incense (You only need a couple of resins on a piece of charcoal). You can get self-lighting charcoal on your favorite incense burner.

Simply burn the smudge stick or incense and pass your stones through the smoke.  This will clear the stones of all negative energy. Smudges invokes the cleansing powers of both the Fire element and the Air element.

6. How to Cleanse Crystals with The Moon

Both a full moon and a new moon are powerful for cleansing and recharging your crystals. You can place your crystals outside or on a windowsill exposed to the moonlight.  Even if it is a cloudy night, the moon’s rays will still energize the stones.

How to cleanse crystals Sun

7. How to Cleanse Crystals with The Sun

The sun is a very strong energetic way to cleanse your stones and crystals.  Even when it is cloudy, the sun’s rays will still energize your crystals. 

Note: Be careful though, as some stones will fade in the sunlight.

8. How to Cleanse Crystals with Mother Earth

Crystals come from the earth, so It makes sense that placing them directly into the earth will naturally cleanse all negative energies and re-energize them.  The Earth element will absorb any negative vibrations that are attached to the crystals, and re-energizes them as well. I suggest you leave them in the earth for approximately 24 hours. 

Note: You can also do that indoors in a pot or planter.

How to cleanse crystals with singing bowls

9. How to Cleanse Crystals with Singing Bowls

If the stones are small you may put them into the singing bowl.  Place bigger stones close to the bowl, then set your intentions for clearing the crystals and then play the bowl for a few minutes.

10. How to Cleanse Crystals with Reiki

Reiki energy will cleanse and energize your crystals.  If you are Reiki Level 1, simply hold a crystal in your hand and Reiki it.  If you are Reiki Level 2, you can also use the mental or emotional symbol over your crystals.

crystals intention

11. How to Cleanse Crystals with Your Intention

Focus your mental energies on your crystals and hold the intention to purify the crystal of all negative energies. You can also ask the Universe, or your Angels, to help you cleanse the stones of all negative energies and to re-energize them for their maximum potential.  Always thank the Universe, and your Angels, after doing this.

12. How to Cleanse Crystals with Other Crystals

Place your crystals or stones on a large clear quartz cluster, to help clear any negative energies and re-energize the stones. 

Note: Remember to regularly cleanse and re-energize the quartz cluster to ensure it retains its cleansing and re-energizing powers.

How to Charge Crystals

There are several methods you can try to charge your crystals. Choose one you are comfortable with.

1. How to Charge Crystals on a Crystal Cluster

Place your crystals on top of a large clear quartz cluster. Leave it for 24 hours. The Quartz cluster will charge your crystal and energizes it. You may have noticed that we used the same method for clearing or cleansing crystals. This method works both for cleansing and charging crystals.

2.How to Charge Crystals with Selenite

How to charge crystals with Selenite

Place your crystals on a slab of Selenite, that has been already cleansed, charged and programmed. Selenite crystals are believed to charge other crystals with their energy.

3.How to Charge Crystals with Sunlight

crystals sun moon

The sun provides you with active, yang, healing energies. Leave your crystal under the sun for a full day. You can also place your crystals on a windowsill.

Note: Keep in mind that some crystals may fade in the sun, in which case you can place them in indirect sunlight.

4.How to Charge Crystals with Moonlight

Leave your crystal under the moonlight for a full night, preferably on a night of the full moon. You can place your crystals on a window sill, if you prefer to charge your crystals indoors.

5.How to Charge Crystals with Your Intention

Crystal healing charging intention

Simply quiet your mind and hold your crystal in your dominant hand. Focus on the goal or intention that you want your crystal to achieve and let that energy radiate into the crystal in the form of light energy.

Tip: Be as clear and specific in your mind as you can.

How to Program Crystals

Crystal healing charging intention

While it is not essential to program your crystals to gain benefit from their healing properties, you can do so if you wish to focus the crystal’s energy on something specific.  To do this, I suggest following these steps

  1. Think about what is it that you want your crystal to achieve, and carefully formulate your intention. Write it down on a piece of paper, to help you focus.
  2. Choose a crystal or stone that resonates with the intention you desire.  For example, choose a calming stone for letting go of stress or anxiety. You can use a crystal that corresponds to a particular healing quality that you need. Better, use your own intuition as to which stone or crystal would best serve the purpose you have in mind at the present moment. You can read my complete guide to choosing crystals for more info.
  3. Make sure you cleanse your chosen crystal or stone using one or more of the methods listed above, to clear the stone of any previous energies or programming.
  4. Sit quietly, hold your crystal and clear your mind of unrelated thoughts.  Just focus on your intention (the one you wrote on the piece of paper in step one above). You may state your intention out loud, or visualize the words of your intention, whatever you feel more inclined to do.  Repeat your intention several times until you feel the vibrations have been absorbed fully into your stone.  When you intuitively feel that the process is complete, it is.

To learn more about setting intentions with crystals, read our complete guide on how to set intentions.

Where to Buy Crystals

If you’re seeking to enhance your life with the energy of crystals, we highly recommend checking out our comprehensive guide to buying real crystals on Amazon. However, if you’re looking for alternative online crystal shops, we’ve got you covered too! Check out this post to discover the top online shops for crystals, where you can find an array of stunning and authentic crystals to add to your collection, or give as gifts for your crystal loving friends.


Crystals are beautiful mineral objects, whose atoms are highly ordered by nature, but you must first cleanse and charge crystals, before you use them for any healing or spiritual work.

There are multiple ways to charge crystals such as using water, salt, sunlight, moonlight, as well as using other crystals to amplify the properties that will help manifest your intention.

The charging process is usually preceded by cleansing and followed by programming your desired intent into the crystal.

Make sure you safely store your crystals after charging them, so that they will stay clean and fully charged until the next time you need them. For more information, read my guide on the correct way to store your crystals and organize your collection.

For more information on how to use your newly charged crystals, check out our guide to Crystal Grids for Beginners.

We hope these steps have been helpful in understanding how to charge crystals so you can use their healing power to bring about changes in your life.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024

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