17 Moldavite Effects on Body, Mind and Soul

Last Updated on October 25, 2022

Moldavites are powerful, tektite crystals that emit an unusually high vibration. Moldavite effects are many, but the most important is Moldavite’s catalyzing effect on our spiritual evolution. Moldavite has been compared to the Stone of the Holy Grail, as it serves to awaken humanity’s yearning towards spiritual growth and enlightenment. Moldavite tends to accelerate our journey on the spiritual path towards our highest potential.

In this regard, many have experienced the effects of Moldavite in different ways on their bodies, minds and spiritual growth.

In this article we will go into details of revealing Moldavite effects on our physical, mental and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Moldavite stone

Moldavite Effects on the Body and Mind

1. A sensation of heat

The first reaction many beginners experience when holding a Moldavite stone in their hand is a sensation of a warm, pulsating energy that gradually spreads from the hand to the whole body, causing some people to experience sweating or what is often referred to as the “Moldavite flush”.

2. A feeling of a pounding pulse

Some people experience sensation of a rapid heart rate and a pounding pulse which is due the Heart Chakra being activated by the Moldavite energy. It may feel like an opening in the Heart center.

3. A feeling of emotional release

In addition to Moldavite’s effect on the Heart Chakra, it can also cause a cathartic release of emotions, ranging from laughter to crying, or anything in between. This is a good thing for people who need it, as it helps remove the blockages in the Heart Chakra and other blocked areas in the body.

4, An elevated mood

Many people when they initially encounter Moldavite, report a feeling of a lighter, happier mood. Some also report a feeling of increased enthusiasm and energy. Some experience feeling exhilarated and uplifted, ready to tackle anything in their path.

5. A feeling of light-headedness

Some people who experimented with Moldavite experienced light-headedness and a difficulty in being grounded. This is due to Moldavite effects on the higher Chakras, such as the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. When the higher Chakras are more activated than the lower Chakras, it can cause an imbalance. This can be counteracted by wearing a grounding stone of your choice, such as Obsidian or Black Tourmaline.

6. A feeling of cleansing

When first using Moldavite, there is a cleansing process that takes place within. Moldavite seeks to uncover any blockages in the body and mind, and subsequently, unblock and release those blockages. This process results in a pleasant feeling of lightness and release of negative energies that no longer serves you.

7. Cell-level healing

Some people when first encounter Moldavite, they feel pain or discomfort in various parts of their bodies. According to Moldavite experts, this is due to the powerful energy of Moldavites, which seeks to harmonize, unblock and balance every cell of the body. Thus, if there are any imperfections in an area of the body, The Moldavite energy floods that area with its high frequency and seeks to balance and establish wholeness in that part of the body. The discomfort is being felt in those areas where there is a discordant state, but will go away after harmony and balance are restored.

8. Heart-Brain Coherence

The energy of Moldavite works to integrate the heart and mind, so that the brain and the heart can work together in harmony. This leads to the overall health and wholeness of the entire organism.

Moldavite Effects on Chakras

Chakra meditation

9. Moldavite can unblock any Chakra

Moldavite, with its high frequency, can clear blocks in any or all Chakras. This is very helpful when doing Chakra healing and balancing.

10. Moldavite activates the higher Chakras

Moldavite’s high spiritual energy works most effectively on activating the Heart, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

11. Moldavite can balance the lower Chakras

In case there are blockages in any of the lower Chakras, such as the Root, Sacral, or Solar Plexus Chakras, Moldavite can act quickly and effectively in clearing those blockages. This helps bring the lower Chakras in balance.

Moldavite Effects of Psychic Abilities

12. Moldavite enhances intuition

Moldavite has been reported as increasing one’s intuition and psychic abilities.

13. Lucid dreaming

Moldavite affects the dreaming states. People who tried sleeping with a piece of Moldavite under their pillow, reported more vivid dream experiences as well as lucid dreaming. Their dreams were more meaningful and they were able to recall their dreams when they woke up.

14. Moldavite helps connect with higher beings

Many have experienced contact with their spirit guides, after they started using Moldavite. Some reported contact with higher dimensional beings and Ascended Masters. Some even reported contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Moldavite Effects on Spiritual Growth

spiritual growth meditation

15. Accelerated spiritual growth

Moldavite is an alchemical stone of transformation. It is broadcasting a high spiritual frequency that serves as a catalyst in accelerating our collective spiritual evolution.

16. Align with your life’s purpose

Moldavite can help you align with your life’s higher purpose. Moldavite will give increased clarity and direction to one’s highest calling.

17. Accelerating the healing of our planet

Moldavite users around the world can act as channels for the higher energies of Light and Love, creating a web of Light for the healing of our planet and accelerating our spiritual evolution.

How to Use Moldavite

Wear Moldavite Jewelry

You can carry a piece of Moldavite in your pocket, or wear a piece of Moldavite jewelry. A Moldavite pendant works well to activate the Heart Chakra as it is usually worn over the chest. You can also wear Moldavite rings or earrings. Moldavite is so powerful that you will experience its effect no matter where or how you wear it.

Wearing Moldavite will ensure that the Moldavite effects and energy, will stay within your auric field.

If you are new to Moldavite, start by wearing Moldavite for a few minutes each day. Increase the duration gradually until you can wear it all day.

Meditate with Moldavite

Meditation is one of the optimal ways to experience Moldavite’s transformational energy.

To use Moldavite in meditation, you can hold a piece of Moldavite in your hand. You can also place a piece of Moldavite on your Heart, Third Eye or Crown Chakras. Be sure to cleanse and activate Moldavite, especially before using it in meditation.

Relax the body, and keep your mind quiet.

Attune with the vibrations and energies of the Moldavite. Try to feel any sensations or insights.

Many people, when meditating with Moldavite, report spiritual visions, out of body experiences, and altered states of consciousness. Some experience deep meditative states and oneness with the Source. Each person will experience what is needed for their own spiritual growth and transformation.

Tips for Using Moldavite during Meditation: Make sure you are well grounded, by doing physical exercises before and after meditation. You can also carry some grounding stones such as Black Obsidian or Black Tourmaline.

Sleep with Moldavite

You can place a piece of Moldavite under your pillow, or tape a little piece over the Third Eye, as you go to sleep. This will produce more vivid dreams and enhance lucid dreaming.


Moldavite is a gift from the Gods. It is a tool to open our consciousness and expand our understanding. It is upon each of us to use our inner powers wisely, and any other tool, such as Moldavite. Moldavite can be a great tool for both our individual and collective evolution, if we learn how to resonate and work with its energy.


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