Pyrite affirmations for money

70 Powerful Pyrite Affirmations for Money and Prosperity

Pyrite is a powerful stone for money and wealth. It is one of the stones that can help you manifest what you want in your life. Here are 50 Pyrite affirmations to help you increase your abundance and prosperity. Repeating these Pyrite affirmations will help program your mind to attract money and wealth into your life. Pyrite affirmations can also help keep you focus on your goals, and stay positive during challenging times. So if you’re looking to attract more money into your life, start using these powerful Pyrite affirmations today!

Pyrite affirmations
Pyrite Affirmations for Attracting Money

What is Pyrite and what are its properties

Pyrite is a mineral composed of iron sulfide. It has a bright gold color and an iridescent tarnish. Pyrite is often called “fool’s gold” because it resembles gold in color, but it is much less valuable.

Pyrite has a few interesting properties. It is very brittle and can easily break into small pieces. It is also quite heavy for its size, which makes it a good choice for use in jewelry or other decorative items. Pyrite is also an excellent mineral for use in crystal healing or meditation.

Pyrite is used for attracting money and wealth. It helps to create a positive mindset and increase self-confidence, both of which are important when it comes to achieving financial success. Additionally, Pyrite can be used as a protection stone, to ward off negative energy and promote good luck.

Pyrite Associations

Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra
Zodiac: Leo

Planet: Sun, Mars
Element: Fire, Earth
Vibration: Number 3
Colors: Pale brass-yellow with some black veins

Why use Pyrite Affirmations

Pyrite affirmations are a powerful way to create abundant wealth and success in your life. By using pyrite’s unique metaphysical properties, you can magnify your intentions and increase your manifestation power many times over.

Pyrite, also known as “Fool’s Gold”, has a shiny, golden appearance. But this rock is much more valuable than its colorful appearance would suggest. Pyrite is a very powerful stone that has been used for centuries to bring wealth, prosperity and abundance into people’s lives.

The benefits of using Pyrite affirmations are numerous:

  • Use Pyrite to manifest money and abundance in your life:

Pyrite has been used since ancient times as a talisman or amulet to attract good luck and fortune. In many cultures, pyrite is considered a stone of prosperity and abundance, and is often used in money spells or charm bags.

To use Pyrite to attract money and wealth, there are a few things you can do. First, carry a small piece of pyrite with you in your purse or wallet. You can also keep a piece of pyrite on your desk or in your place of work. Additionally, you can meditate with Pyrite to visualize success, abundance, and financial well-being.

  • Use Pyrite for optimism and positivity

Pyrite is known as a money mindset stone because it helps to foster an optimistic outlook towards finances. It is said to help one see the potential in every situation and to encourage positive action. Pyrite also promotes creativity and resourcefulness, two essential qualities when it comes to manifesting abundance. So if you’re seeking greater financial abundance and positivity in your life, consider incorporating Pyrite affirmations into your daily rituals.

  • Use Pyrite for unblock the Solar Plexus Chakra

Pyrite is a great stone to use for unblocking the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is a stone of confidence and assertiveness, and can help you to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. It can also help to improve your self-image, and give you the courage to go after what you want in life.

40 Pyrite affirmations for money and wealth

  1. I am open to receiving money easily and effortlessly.
  2. I am grateful for all the money that comes into my life.
  3. I deserve to be wealthy and abundant.
  4. Money flows easily and effortlessly to me now.
  5. Abundance is always available to me, and I am open and receptive to receiving it.
  6. My relationship with money is healthy, natural and effortless.
  7. I am confident and capable when it comes to increasing my income and bringing in more money.
  8. Finances are easy for me.
  9. I always have more than enough money to support myself and my lifestyle.
  10. Money comes to me frequently and in large amounts.
  11. Moving towards financial abundance is always enjoyable for me.
  12. I magnetically attract wealth into my life effortlessly.
  13. I am always supported financially.
  14. I have more than enough money to meets my needs and desires.
  15. I am worthy of abundance in all areas of my life, including finances.
  16. I attract unlimited prosperity into my life.
  17. Money is a positive force in my life that enhances my well-being.
  18. I am worthy of wealth.
  19. I am open to receiving wealth.
  20. Wealth is flowing into my life now.
  21. I attract abundance and prosperity easily.
  22. My relationship with money is excellent.
  23. All my financial needs are met perfectly and abundantly.
  24. I have a great relationship with money – it’s always there when I need it.
  25. I fully release any and all past issues around money and open myself up to new possibilities now.
  26. I am deserving of wealth and abundance.
  27. Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.
  28. I am a powerful money magnet.
  29. I always attract abundance and prosperity into my life.
  30. My relationship with money is healthy, loving and prosperous.
  31. I am open to receiving all the good that life has to offer, including financial abundance.
  32. I joyfully welcome wealth and prosperity into my life now!
  33. I am grateful for all the abundant blessings in my life, including financial ones!
  34. Prosperity and abundance are natural states for me, and I relax into them easily and gracefully.
  35. I attract money and abundance into my life easily and effortlessly.
  36. I am always in the right place at the right time to receive financial windfalls.
  37. Good fortune comes to me frequently and in large amounts.
  38. I remain open and receptive to all the ways in which the Universe provides for me.
  39. Investments I make always bring forth healthy returns.
  40. My business is successful and brings in substantial profits.

20 Pyrite affirmations for positivity

  1. I am positive and optimistic.
  2. My attitude is everything.
  3. I choose to be happy.
  4. I am grateful for what I have
  5. I am optimistic and open to all the good that life has to offer.
  6. I have an abundant supply of energy and enthusiasm for life.
  7. I radiate positivity and attract only good things into my life.
  8. I am strong and capable of overcoming any obstacle in my path.
  9. My mind is focused on success.
  10. I achieve all my goals easily and effortlessly.
  11. am confident and successful in all that I do.
  12. I attract wealth and abundance into my life.
  13. I have the power to manifest my desires into form.
  14. All of my needs are met, easily and effortlessly.
  15. I deserve love, respect, and admiration from others.
  16. I radiate beauty, charisma, and magnetism everywhere I go.
  17. I am confident and full of vitality.
  18. I draw abundance to me effortlessly..
  19. Prosperity is natural to me, and I attract it easily.
  20. I live each day with enthusiasm and joy.

10 Pyrite affirmations to balance the Solar Plexus Chakra

  1. I am powerful and in control of my life.
  2. I am a confident, capable person.
  3. I can handle anything that comes my way.
  4. I am connected to my personal power.
  5. I am fearless and courageous.
  6. I take responsibility for my own happiness.
  7. I value myself and my own worthiness.
  8. I trust my intuition and make decisions based on what feels right for me.
  9. I stand up for myself and what I believe in.
  10. I embrace change and growth in myself and others.

How do you use Pyrite affirmations

Pyrite is a stone of manifestation. It helps one to bring their dreams and aspirations into reality.

When using Pyrite affirmations, it is important to keep in mind that this stone represents the principle of increase. So, when repeating your affirmations, be sure to focus on what you want to create more of in your life, rather than what you want to get rid of.

To use Pyrite affirmations, first hold the stone in your dominant hand while repeating your desired affirmation 3 times. Then, carry the stone with you throughout the day as a reminder of your goal. Finally, place the stone on an altar or in a special spot where you can see it every day as a visual reminder of your intention.

Before using Pyrite affirmations, first cleanse your crystals by running them under water and then charge your crystals by setting them in the sun or moonlight for a few hours.

Repeat these statements as often as you like, and watch what happens as you start to manifest your desires into reality.

Where do you put Pyrite crystals for money

Some people might find that keeping Pyrite crystals near their wallet or purse will bring them financial abundance, while others might find that having them near their bed will help them to manifest more money in their lives.

The most important thing is to trust your intuition and go with what feels best for you. If you’re not sure where to put your Pyrite crystals, try holding them in your hand and tuning into your intuition to see where you’re being guided to place them.

How to activate Pyrite with affirmations

To activate a Pyrite crystal with affirmations, you first need to clear the crystal of any previous energy. You can do this by running it under cold water or smudging it with sage or palo santo.

Once the crystal is cleared, you can begin to program it with your affirmations. To do this, sit down somewhere quiet and focus on your breath for a few minutes. Once you feel centered, say your affirmations out loud three times. As you say each affirmation, visualize it coming true in your life.

After you’ve finished programming your crystal, put it somewhere where you’ll see it every day as a reminder of your goals and intentions.

The healing power of affirmations

Affirmations are positive statements that we say to ourselves, over and over again, in order to rewire our thinking and create new habits. Our thoughts create our reality, so if we keep telling ourselves that we are healthy, we will be more likely to stay healthy. If we tell ourselves that we are happy, we will be more likely to feel happier.

The healing power of affirmations lies in their ability to change our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is a servant to our conscious mind and it does whatever we tell it to. By repeating positive affirmations, we are telling our subconscious mind that we want to be happy, healthy and prosperous. And since the subconscious mind is always trying to please us, it will start working on making these things a reality for us.

There is a great deal of scientific evidence that affirmations can be effective in helping people to achieve their goals. The mind-body connection is very real. Our thoughts can affect our bodies in a number of ways, from causing us to feel pain to actually changing the way our genes function. So by using affirmations regularly, we can not only change our thoughts but also start to see corresponding positive changes in our lives.


If you want to start attracting money and wealth into your life, consider using Pyrite as one of your stones. The affirmations we’ve provided will help get you started on the right path, but it’s important that you find affirmations that resonate with you and repeat them regularly. By doing so, you can keep yourself positive and focused on your goals, while attract money and wealth into your life.

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